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Yvette, The Brand. is for innovators, inventors, new entrepreneurs, creatives, artist and other individuals who are working diligently to gain exposure and a followship in what they’re doing. Yvette, The Brand. and our team searches out people worldwide for intimate interviews on their products, processes, styles, body of works and showcases.

Our site is full of original products and items created by Yvette Kendall (Yvette, The Brand),  fun information, interviews, blogs, food, fashion and other treasured finds, while sharing unique hidden gems that Yvette, The Brand. loves too.  Yvette, The Brand. is powered by innovations, product developments and creativity; these are the main driving forces of our Brand and why we seek out thousands of people doing the same.

Here are a few things you will see on our site:

Exclusive Interviews with new entrepreneurs and celebrities
Our Favorite Brands Section
Product Reviews and Test
CEO of The Month
Breaking News
Opportunity Calls (Casting, Trade Shows, Contest, Events).
Photo Walls
Celebrity Pairings with New Entrepreneurs
Thought Of The Day
Donation Call Outs to assist new brands
Meet and Greets
Yvette, The Brand and Fans
Press Table
And much…much more.

Yvette, The Brand. also welcomes the school students in their beginning stages of entrepreneurship. Hearing their stories while in beginning process, can make the difference in the lives of people of all ages. Remember….”Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.”

Yvette, The Brand. is about people creating something, making it a reality and then becoming the Brand for the world to see.

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